Adhdsurfboards is a custom surfboard company based on the beautiful (but cold) island of Karmøy. Our founder, Jan, has been slaying foam for over 10 years and is a lifelong surfer with nearly 20 years of experience with frostbites, surf ears, and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man wetsuits.

Our surfboards are handcrafted in Norway with unique designs tailored specifically for challenging the North Sea setting us apart and making Adhdsurfboards truly special. Except for that one time we made a board shaped like a turtle. That was a mistake.

Our goal is to keep surfing true to its roots and provide you with an authentic surfing experience, unless you’re looking for a fancy surfboard with a built-in mini fridge and Bluetooth speaker, in which case, sorry, we can’t help you.

We believe in providing a personal, hands-on experience. Our expert guidance and assistance will help you find the perfect board for your needs in the right conditions.

So whether you’re a professional surfer looking to ride the waves of self-esteem or just someone looking for a custom surfboard that will make you feel like a true surfing legend, Adhdsurfboards has you covered. Just don’t expect us to be too serious about it – we’re surfers, after all!

Contact us directly and let us help you find your perfect stick.

PS: Don’t be surprised if your board starts talking to you – it`s all part of the magic of riding adhdsurfboards